yesterday seemed to be “love tony as hard as you can” day

ha low-rider flood cartoday wasn’t that.

today was different. today was give tony a headache day.

not you, but whatever gives people headaches.

so lets focus on yesterday.

yesterday one person told me how awesome the busblog, this blog, was 10 years ago.

and another person, an Aussie, told me how great it STILL is.

this blows my mind because im extremely self critical of pretty much everything i do, particularly this.

plus im still licking my wounds from not being super dooper f year successful at my last job.

i had had a pretty great run of running this blog to be one of the top 200 most popular blogs in the world,

then helping make LAist a top 100 blog, and then helping several blogs at the LA Times make it into the Top 100.

when the things you do become successful, even when there is interference – there will always be interference

you think – or i think – there will always be huge success.

but thats the fascinating thing about life. there are no guarantees. even if everything youre doing is right on the money, or close enough to being on the money, that doesnt mean that its gonna work out.

this can be in terms of love, or hitting a baseball, or running for president, or anything

sometimes things just dont work out.

the lesson is move on, use everything as lessons, and surround yourself with as many people who have courage

and creativity, and honest communication as you can.

because a solid team that is willing to adjust to interference and use new ways to battle them

will never lose the game, even if a battle or two goes the other way.

and now somehow my headache has disappeared.

dear tony, why do you think new laker chris kaman asked for a single digit number

retired laker jerseys

instead of the number that he has worn his whole career, 35?


roland harper

Dear Roland,

According to Funky Cold, the former Clipper “deadpanned his newly adorned No. 9 jersey had ‘zero significance’ other than wanting a single-digit number.”

But I have a feeling that if I was going to join a team who have numbers 32, 33, and 34 hanging from the rafters

Magic, Kareem and Shaq

i’d be a little intimidated to put on 35.

especially since all three of them are still quite vocal in Lakerland.

indeed taking the number of another former Clipper turned Laker,

Lamar Odom

is a far more reasonable goal to shoot for.