everyones favorite piano teacher Zulieka will write you a letter

zuliekafor years and years and years i have been reading the subtly sensual words of Zulieka Unstrung.

Anti may have been the first person to tell me about her, but who knows, it was so long ago.

the one time we met she had a glow about her and it turned out she was (unbeknownst to her) preggo!

since then she has delivered two adorable babies and has moved from springsteens Nebraska

to Aerosmiths Massachusetts

because she’s raising her brood she doesnt have a lot of time to write on her always great blog but for the right price will write to you personally.

loyal readers will know that like many americans the Unstrung’s aren’t filthy rich

so Z figured why not throw a PayPal button out there and give the people something they probably havent had in quite a while:

a personal, handwritten letter written to them by a beautiful woman.

mama mia.

so for just $10, pretty much all of your USPS dreams will come true.

talk about a win win!