sometimes i wonder how much of all of this is real

kanyei know nothing in here is true

and we’re all playing a weird game of lets pretend we’re all not gonna be dead soon

but this kanye west fellow fascinates me.

is he mental?

or is this all staged?

seems staged to me.

why would kanye be so mad that people wanna ask him questions and take his picture?

kanye OBSESSES over clothes and image. he’d die if people didnt wanna take his picture.

fucker wore a skirt at the Jay Z coheadlining show here in LA.

nothing says take my picture than a brother in crazy sunglasses indoors at night wearing a skirt

on top of a huge podium

of course youre going to get your picture taken coming out of the international terminal at LAX

move to frisco if you dont want it.

or san diego.

it happens to all of us. busblog busblog whens your next book? are you back with the xbi?

will you ever be employed again?

is it true that North West’s nickname is tony?

you dont see me putting people in headlocks.

sweet friendly sorta dazed headlocks

where no one gets hurt.