Lolito, hold me kiss me

sometimes i wonder about MTV

sometimes i wonder if they ever remember that they used to be the most influential television station in the world

they basically set the playlists for top 40 and alternative radio stations everywhere

they made bands and broke bands.

they set the tone for style, language, and culture for young people for decades.

and instead of figuring out a way to monetize that unbelievable amount of power,

they decided to take the road most traveled and simply go for the lowest common denominator:

highest ratings at smallest cost.

but tell me, how much does it cost to play videos the music industry funded?

lord knows the VJs werent getting paid, except maybe seacrest, i mean carson daly.

those sets couldnt have cost very much, and yet they swore that people

werent dialing up their channel for music programming any more.

when I was at E! i kept thinking, wow these people are paying all this money on shows like true hollywood stories

and it seems so simple: show music videos by interesting bands and then talk to them.

if MTV doesnt want all that free money access and power by being teenagers’ lifeblood

then you be that person and accept all of the ads from companies who want to reach that demo.

if i was running MTV right now id sneak this video from the french band Lolito when no one was noticing.