why i hate hipsters, whoever they are

angus youngthey have no respect for the electric guitar.

in the 50s chuck berry played it like he was ringing a bell

in the 60s jimi hendrix and jimmy page played it like it was an alien creature

in the 70s angus young and his brother malcolm took power cords to a whole new level

in the 80s van halen guns n roses and metallica took hair- and speed metal and shoved it right into Top 40s face

in the 90s kurt cobain j mascis and thurston moore turned it into brutally powerful art pop

and then the hipsters were born and nothing


five decades of real rock & roll handed to them via Napster, BitTorrent and now Spotify and Rdio taught them nothing

classic rock radio, guitar hero, and Behind The Music

and they bow to whatever dipshit DJ builds the most sparkly golden calf.

and give Coldplay three nights at the Hollywood Bowl

and omg die when Daft Punk slows it all down like they wish Mumford & Sons would.

they disgust me.

none of that is music.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, fine. Quiet Company, fine. Arcade Fire, fine.

Black Keys: meh

other than them – none of them can hold a candle to AC/DC or even Foreigner.

Billy Freakin Squier laughs at bearded wonders who call themselves lead guitarists today

but me, i just cry inside.

and wish the Nuge would just shut up and play

Ted Nugent