1. Monday, July 1, 2013

    etienne update: light some candles 

    etienne and uva the word from the angels above are they are getting some of your prayers

    but they havent gotten all of them.

    etienne is sicker than when we first posted that shes sick,

    now it appears perhaps the root of the evil is in her bladder.

    which is odd because she doesnt drink that much. and all she eats are tomatoes and onions.

    and occasionally poutine, when shes in canada.

    her bladder should be pristine: like your soul.

    so do Canada a favor on Canada Day and say a quick little prayer for Uva’s momma

    something along the lines of: please get that terrible mysterious illness out of Etienne’s body so she can go back to writing screenplays and reporting for Canadas finest news agency.

    shes a very good girl and we are all better when shes better.