1. Sunday, July 14, 2013

    I don’t see you, I won’t call you, Is it me, or is it all you 

    j mascis played about a half hour at amoeba today.

    super nice.

    he knows how to play that guitar like he was ringing a bell.

    walked half way there then got on the bus cuz i was running late.

    on the way home a lady said she had scabies. her legs looked pretty bad. but she was smiling.

    a homeless lady said i dont know what youre smiling about if those are real scabies do you know how contagious that is?

    and then the homeless lady got off the bus.

    just then a guy with a wheelchair full of crap got on the bus even though the busdriver lady said

    i cant let you on the bus with your chair like that.

    but she let it slide.

    in the above video j mascis lays down a backing loop and then played over it.

    it was advertised to be an acoustic show, but duh electricity everywhere.

    i let that slide too.

    You’re not gonna get me through this are you