im an insane person

hollywood and highland

but when theres lots of pissed off people, tons of police, and a hollywood setting,

i think: this is something that viewers might like to watch on television.

last night though, the local news didn’t seem all that interested in showing it.

right after the trayvon martin jury let george zimmerman retrieve his gun and go back to a life of hiding,

the good people of LA said they would march onto the freeway and stop it for a little while.

yesterday afternoon they did just that, but because it didn’t happen while the news was on,

the news decided not to break into regular programming, nor fire up the copters and show it online

where gazillions of people might actually enjoy watching it

via their computers or tablets or phones or xboxes or yada yada

instead they waited an hour and then seemed disinterested even while packs of people were marching down this part of town

and that part of town, and festering with rage on that other part of town.

because im an insane person i think that would be something the internet would sit through some commercials to view

they might even share it on facebook

or tweet it or something.


the worst part was when the hollywood people marched down hollywood blvd to the freeway and got turned around by police

so they went to the W and realized they werent far from the CNN building

so they marched over there.

but CNN hadn’t even tweeted in 5 hours, they werent home.

the most interesting story of the day walked to a news organization’s front door

and nobody was there.

and im the insane person.