1. Monday, July 15, 2013

    metta world peace, we acknowledge you 

    as much as LA loves hoops and especially the Lakers,

    and as much as Ron Artest, aka Metta World Peace, worked social media

    and appeared on tv shows

    i still dont feel like LA embraced its most soft and fuzzy star.

    and now he’s going back home to the big apple.

    i had the great fortune of meeting Ron for a Lakers Blog video interview

    we all hung out for about an hour and one thing i learned was the Ron Artest you see on TV

    is exactly the same one that he is in real life minus the cameras

    he is childlike, ultra honest, positive, professional and unpredictable.

    another thing i learned: he’s not all that tall. sure he’s taller than you and me

    but ive meet Kareem. that brothas super tall. Ron is probably average NBA height.

    what he does out there is all about heart, hustle, and skillz.

    i cant wait to see how the NYC media embraces him.