1. Monday, July 29, 2013

    someone woke me up at 10am with a phone call 

    the blues brothers

    which is a very bad thing if you went to sleep at 5am.

    but i got up, took a leak, replied to her by text message and went back to sleep.

    very few things more pleasing than to be able to go back to sleep and not have to wake up till ever.

    especially if theres a perfect breeze sauntering through the open window.

    there was a time in college when we were underage, and the mission was to get beer.

    as we got older it was to get a keg of beer, or many bottles of the good stuff.

    then we decided we would have competitions to see who could skateboard best after 5 shots, then 10.

    but what happens after awhile you see what craziness you could accomplish wasted

    and then at some point the competition is to see how relaxed you can be.

    pretty sure thats how palm springs got invented.

    this unplanned spring and summer break has been a competition with myself

    to see how mellow and isolated and locked in i can be.

    to appreciate the breeze before the second half of sleep

    and to be one with the emptiness


    pro tip: turn off yr ringer