today is the 16th anniversary of when matt and emmaunelle got hitched in france

matt and emmanuelle

how often do you go to france? especially the center of france? a place that has white chocolate cows with creamy nougat in the middle?

how often do your friends get married in a castle? dressed like buddy holly wearing a yellow chuck berry jacket?

to a classy chic french woman like none youve ever met before?

how often do all your other friends come with you even though none of you has any money to travel to no france

in the middle of summer, and then take la gare to a town that no one seems to have heard of.

(fortunately we had a hand drawn map)

but the thing you realize is money and time are merely dumb excuses not to do things most of the time

and they disappear into the air when the idea of a week long european party with your amigos is presented to you.

a trip you’ll never forget ever, a wedding so beautiful that every single part of it was beautiful.

including this little story about the bride’s family.

for gazillions of years emmanuelle’s family ran the little cow town of Joncy

an adorable village that Parisians would escape to when they wanted to “holiday” (aka drink).

one day the family was voted out of office and they were so sad.

soon the nazis showed up, for it was the 1940s and thats what nazis did to lots of french towns back then.

and the nazis said take us to your leader. and the people pointed to the new leader who had recently won the election.

and the nazis took the new leaders to a nearby barn and set the barn on fire.

eventually the nazis were defeated and emannuelle’s family was restored to their role of leadership.

where they sit to this very day.

the lesson here is, to me, dont freak out when things dont go your way.

they might be totally going your way in the big picture.

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 photo credit: the great Jim Lowney