6 things CBS LA can do to look like the good guys vs Time Warner cable

jackie johnson tonight

6. When the Dodgers are in town, broadcast Jackie Johnson’s weather on the Jumboscreen before the bottom of the 5th. When the Angels are in town, do the same at their stadium. Apparently she is very popular. Have her say, “Hi Dodger fans, some of you may, unfortunately, get your cable tv from Time Warner… which means you can’t see me. Well here I am! Tomorrow will be sunny and warm and…” I bet people cheer.

5. Film the 10pm KCAL news from a different, popular venue each night: CityWalk, The Hollywood Bowl, LA Live, The OC Fair, 3rd Street Promenade, Ventura Blvd., The Grove, Hollywood & Highland and provide lots of seating so people can watch the news live.

4. Next Monday rent out the Cinerama Dome and show UNDER THE DOME at 6p, 7:30p and 9p. Have some actors be at each screening, give away some free popcorn, expect people to love you forever.

3. Shoot the Price is Right at Grand Park in DTLA so that lots of people can watch.

2. Tape the Late Late Show with Craig Fergie Ferg at The Orpheum so that a huge audience can show up. Get a huge audience by nabbing some big musical acts. If you, CBS, cannot get a week of huge musical acts, then TWC is right, you don’t deserve $2 per viewer.

1. Get a few thousand $2 rabbit ear antennas. Give them to Paul Magers, Pat Harvey, Suzie Suh and some other anchors and reporters and let them hand them out on medians around LA freeways. Have some oranges handy if people want those.