1. Friday, August 2, 2013

    bree and i investigated the high fire danger yesterday in burbank 

    high fire danger

    which turned into a steep hike on a crazy mountain overlooking beautiful downtown burbank

    pretty much the hardest hike ive ever been on

    but it was nice to be above the smog line for a while


    afterwards we treated ourselves to some in n out

    i am a carnivore selfish person so i had the cheeseburger and three deals of ketchup

    bree is a vegetarian so she had the grilled cheese and animal style fries and for some reason i only gave her two deals

    maybe i was just lightheaded and not thinking right. yeah thats probably it.

    in n out grilled cheese and animal style fries

    as i was driving home i stopped at a light and saw my childhood dreamcar rolling up beside me.

    back in the day youd actually order your vette with all that writing on it and people would be omg youre the coolest

    but if you ask me the dudes blue tooth really ties the whole thing together.

    1978 corvette pace car

    took a quick shower and drove over to have a happy hour beer with paige

    on the way i saw an excellent mural which is really ad ad for a summer tv series on FX ive never heard of

    but will check out solely because of this killer painting

    mural ad

    forgot to tell paige about it as we sat in a hollywood beer garden watching people drink liter glasses of german brew


    while sipping out of mason jars being served to us by a conflicted young man who grew up in ohio but who loved

    the michigan wolverines.

    middle of the week afternoon day drinking

    must have attracted every midwesterner in town cuz we ran into this guy


    and took his picture because that shirt was just way sweet