good girl avril lavigne

good girl avril lavigne

canadas favorite skatergirl sure seems like shes got another hit on her hands.

the LOL video for “rock and roll” dropped yesterday and it already has over 2 million views

and it should, it’s funny, and catchy and makes fun of fun things to make fun of: including avril.

its so good that even in the subreddit /r/Cringe, most in the cynical group omg enjoyed what they saw and heard.

“I would still sniff her butt,” admitted haddis, with a comment that got the most upvotes.

“Winnie from the wonder years is there. That’s all I care about,” stated a defiant BeachGirl87.

“I like it. Sorry to make reddit less homogeneous,” apologized vinsneezel.

“I like it too, so it looks like we are heterogeneous together,” CapnBadass wrote, adding, “notsureifthatsaword.”

“I actually f-ing found myself bopping my head to this,” evaninarkham remorsed. “F my life.”

so other than making sure that we dont accept rides from drunk dogs, what else have we learned?

dat Sony phone is waterproof? hmmmmm.