hate at first sight: madden 25

madden 25this is a new series of reviews of things that sucked pretty much right off the bat.

the first installment will be: EA Sports Madden 25.

only reason i got this from Amazon for $99 is for the priceless access to all of Directv’s airings of the real NFL games through the upcoming season.

normally to get that youd need a directv dish, about $250, and the ability to be in front of your tv on gameday.

with this new Directv offer you get all the games on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

which means if you happen to find yourself in a cabin in lake tahoe during week 13 and your baby says why dont you watch the game im gonna take a super long bath… you can flip on your laptop and watch da bears and da whoevers.

like papa bear hallas intended oh so many eons ago.

maybe directv cant just flat out offer this to the world as a stand-alone product,

maybe they have to bundle it with a game so bad i threw it on eBay after an hour of fiddling with it.

maybe they dont realize that this directv product is actually more valuable than its original product

because its so flexible and convenient and now that things like Roku and Chromecast exist,

a football fan would probably prefer the games on the laptop because then they can beam it to whatever tv is in front of them.

not necessarily the one hooked up to their satellite dish.

these be modern times, yall.

which is why its so disappointing that madden football, one of the most popular and amazing franchises in all of video games, refuses to change with them and keep making the same bad game year after year.

there was a time during the sega genesis era when each year madden would improve and delight and amaze

and even though technology has leapt forward with time and everythings so realistic

and theres so much more depth to the product than ever before,

the gameplay has only floundered. and the options have only gotten more complicated.

its especially disappointing in light of games like nba2k, which have figured out how to have technology enhance game play in sports video games.

basically this is what happens when there is no competition: the product fails.

barack obama, tear down this wall, and allow other video games to liscense the NFL brands and players names and let there be a solid challenger to the old and moldy madden which i wont ever buy again

unless they throw in this amazing directv dealio again.