i will miss you summer vacation

on the tippy top of the very long list of excellent things about being funemployed all summer

is the ability to have a nice young lady over to watch the MTV VMAs

which then turned into watching the Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers

which then turned into drinking whiskey and a bible reading even though shes a Buddhist

and at 2am we keep reading because neither of us had nowhere to be in the morning.

that freedom, that priceless ability to actually live and be spontaneous and stay up till the dawns early light

is the biggest thing i will miss

once someone claims me off waivers

and puts me back in the game.

until then, i feel as free as a 20 year old in her bra and panties on national tv

twerking for 3 minutes

and stealing the spotlight from justin timberlake who had 16 minutes of airtime

and no one is talking about it at all

for good reason.