1. Thursday, August 8, 2013

    it’s Opposite Day, in my head, all the time 

    blackhawk burgers

    i have a punk rock heart but my clothes, yikes.

    i have a punk rock spirit, but everything i do is so midwestern, so mundane, and now sooo old

    i have a rebellious nature, but i feel like i always put the brakes on things while encouraging others to rock

    i have a trusting soul, but boy does that burn me almost every single time

    Opposite Day is in my head, all the time: go out, stay in, write, dont write, paint, watch tv, read one of these books READ ALL OF THESE BOOKS

    i do all the normal things to keep the voices hushed but theyre lonely, they gab and gab and gab

    run away, stay home, fly somewhere, drive somewhere, sit your ass down,

    do nothing, do EVERYTHING, hike, run, swim, fart, ride the bus and stare

    walk down the street and talk.

    the only thing that ever makes sense is: do something omg SOMETHING

    and even though optimism and creativity and trust have the majority in the heart

    the minority filibusters and at the end of the day its 3am

    and aint nothing changed

    except the dilbert a day desk calendar

    and my expanding wasteline