just saw the movie of the year, The Butler

the butlerand in many ways i have to thank my mom.

we were talking on the phone yesterday and she had just seen it and loved it and i assumed it was because of her hero Oprah

who seems to be the only one in my little world that anyone has mentioned when talking about this fine American film.

so much so that when i bought my ticket i said, one for Oprah please.

and as good as she is in it, so is Forest Whitaker, if not moreso

and Terrance Howard

and your boy Lenny Kravitz

and even Robin Williams.

the list goes on an on with all the great acting including a few people who i dont know at all who play Oprah’s kids and one of the kids’ super hot afro-sporting girlfriend.

it’s a shame that Lee Daniels’ name is above the title because even though he directed the heck out of it, this isn’t about him in the same way it’s not about Oprah or the other 36 producers

this is a story about an extremely important period of time in American history that is still with us.

when black people get super uptight about Terrance Martin

and when white folks get so pissed  about Jane Fonda

it is clear how vital true stories like The Butler are:

we are still a nation trying to figure out how to deal with race, equality and how best to protest things so as to change injustice.

what i love about this movie is everyone in it and everyone it was based on and all of us are moving the needle.

and even though it may feel like it’s taking forever the generation my parents are from, including my parents were forced to drink from “colored” water fountains and sit in the back of the bus, etc.

but my sister and i dealt with a far more tolerable brand of ignorance. and my sisters’ kids have a totally different perspective about race than any of us had.

it is getting better. despite how Congress behaves.

we are making progress. regardless the disparity in unemployment between whites and blacks.

and it is all due to people like my family, and probably yours, who marched on washington, and continued to move the needle to where we know it will eventually end up:

far better than where it was not that long ago.

but yes, Oprah was fantastic.