my long lost high school friend monica… exists

monicalike most young people, i was very nervous about my first day in high school.

until a young lady sat down next to me looking faintly like

who was it who was it

thats right, brooke shields, who at the time was a mighty hot commodity.

instead of being intimidated, i took it as a sign that all will be well in high school.

which was mostly true.

monica and i hit it off right away, even though she lived in a way better neighborhood than me

and even though everyone at school thought she was gorgeous

she was always very down to earth and sweet and a great friend.

back then when you called someone on the phone it was to the only phone in the house.

in high school you ended up on the phone a lot. so whenever id call monica

her mom would get very upset and either jump on the line saying she had to go

or would say something that would scare us both. it was sorta funny.

it was monica who always pushed me into considering joining the marching band, as she was in it, and she loved it, and the band was one of the best in the state

senior year when i finally took her up on her offer we were state champs again.

for some reason i only saw her once after high school and then never again, despite how close we had been.

and then the other day when i was researching about Lancettes, i noticed her younger sister lora in a photo and i thought wow i wonder if monica is on facebook: no. i wonder if shes on instagram: no.

and i tried linkedin, even though i dont like linked in and boom. monica.

looking better that i expected, even though she always looked pretty.

and she accepted my invitation to loin my network.

and we still havent said a word.