poor chris brown: has a seizure, blames the haters

chris brown twitter

first of all, when Breezy becomes a memory none of us who hates him will suddenly start loving him.

he will always be known as the jackass who beat the crap out of his girlfriend on the way to the Grammys and didn’t have to go to jail for it.

he will always be known as the asswipe who keeps getting invited to the Grammys because television is a whore for ratings

he will always be known as the marginally talented prick who clearly has a million mental issues and a ginormous chip on his shoulder for no good reason and pouted through his entire career posting bs on his twitter and then deleting it because he’s a coward and never learned how to stand by his word.

pretty boys for the most part are all exactly the same: they think they deserve anything and everything, they have no respect for good fortune or other people, and when “bad” things happen to them they blame everyone other than themselves.

why Jay-Z didn’t pummel this creep is beyond me.

if Rihanna was Suge Knight’s artist this dude would have been a memory a long time ago.