so the question is, when will you stop giving a crap

bill murray harry caray

im sorry when will *I* stop giving a crap.

not about laws or commandments or time signatures: things we all should give a crap about

but about what people think of you, what history will remember us for

who will show up at your funeral

what the doctors will see when they rush you to the hospital and have to cut off your pants.

bush didnt care what people thought about his dumb faker loser behind,

and poof he became president of the world.

obama didnt even care that he had barely been a senator and shazaam: first black* president.

i am the voice inside yr head*half

boy bands, Fox News, wall street, walmart, don rickles, carlos danger

none of them give two craps and they laugh all the way to their many mansions.

bob dylans voice, the leaning tower of pisa, those asswipes building skyscrapers on a fault:

could not care less that they arent perfect but are muscling through it anyways.

every single d bag with an affliction shirt at the club walks home with two sometimes three girls.

because they dont care and those girls want so lick that superpower out of them

because thats how you attain it.

(dont think about that one too much)

the coca cola company sells water for the same price that they sell coca cola.

that is not giving a crap.

that is how i want to be.

but i cant

because i care.

because id rather have nothing

instead of having everything

and being a douche