sometimes i just dont care


sometimes i know its a trap. sometimes i know its a set up and i have no back up.

sometimes the phone rings and its a florida area code and i know only two things come outta florida

and neither should have my real number

had a meeting with a guy yesterday across the river.

everything was fine till he told me what his cut would be.

i was all oh yeah ok sure as if it was not any big deal.

but it is a huge deal. takes all the fun out of it.

only reason to do anything is for fun.

says so right there in the bible.

dont do it for money, dont do it for “power”

falling in love is hardly anywhere in that book, so dont do it for that neither

do it for fun. and bro was usurping from the fountain d’fun.

be your own boss part, was boss. terrible hours were fine. three hour breaks, totally fine.

material for years in which to tell you stories about this beautiful town ive lived in: plentiful.

but you cant just take all the fun away from a fellow after you looked him in the eyes.

thus today when i was in my robe for its entirety and i wondered why didnt i feel

my feelers said sometimes i just dont care