1. Saturday, August 10, 2013

    ten years ago today i went to the dodger game 

    molli sean greg at the dodger game

    with molli, sean, greg, basart, bonnie and charlie.

    it was bonnie’s first game, and 1 year old sean’s 4th.

    we were in the front row of the bleachers in right field.

    back then it cost $6 a seat. today that same piece of bench costs $40.

    first inning, im getting to my seat and robin ventura hit a home run right at my seat

    but i had a beer in one hand and

    another beer in the other probably

    and i just stepped away from the ball and it hit my seat and bounced onto the field.

    it may have struck one inch from the mitt i had brought

    which of course was laying on the bench.

    ten years later sean’s properly prepared to catch that bad boy.

    update: Basart just showed me that Greg has the photo on his site: