today i am a freelance journalist, xtx


its hard to believe that two of the oldest and sexiest LA bloggers are unemployed this summer

but xTx and i are making do with this perfect weather and more time to spend with our families.

in a perfect world that Amazon CEO who bought the Washington Post would buy the LA Times, Chicago Trib

and hire me to corral 100 news and not-news blogs and put together a

content strategy

for his ipad killer, the amazon kindle, so people would have a wide and varied collection of

interesting words pictures and videos right there on their tablet.

and heart.

thats why you buy the Post with 1% of your net worth, right, so it can provide news to your customers

all around the globe, via your (relatively) inexpensive handheld device. right?

well why stop at just one east coast paper, why not get a midwestern and a westwestern paper

and then a blog meister to fill in the gaps.

in the meantime im freelancing when and where i can. today it was for cnbc.

they asked me to put together a slide show and interview companies about their logos.

so i politely agreed and whoop there it is