today is the busblog’s birthday, it’s 12 years old

how to blog dogit feels like just yesterday i was working in a quiet office at E! bored outta my gourd reading about ev williams’ new way to keep an online journal without needing an ftp or photoshop or expert knowledge in html or any of that.

yes, a way to write to the world at your desk at work during your lunch and 15 minute breaks.

so i tried it an no way on earth did i actually think my little s-o-s to the world was actually gonna reach the world.

or get me jobs or sweet caresses or friends or books or opportunities

or wild adventures.

but it sure as hell did.

and in a way it still is.

last night i spent a few hours going through the archives of this bad boy which is something i rarely do because i hate reading my old stuff. i dont mind reminiscing but reading it usually sours my stomach.

fortunately this special day should really be about thanking all of the people who made it happen and who helped it continue through today

technically that would mean huge shoutouts to evsutter, goldmancasebiz and kimbalina of the blogger google team. the earliest days were rocky  and much tech help was needed and they were always very responsive, even going out of their way to do things like rebuild my archive menu so it was a pull down, and just generally be there when tiny little tweaks needed to happen.

clearly i dont forget when people are generous with their time with me. so thank you so very much.

leah reading stiff

when i moved over to wordpress my man greg hartling redesigned this beast and moved nearly a decade of content over and hand drew everything you see on top and on the sides. im sure josh kleinpeter worked some magic in the background too but he likes to lay low.

for years the busblog was hosted on Os’s servers at nothingspecial and for years he’d say oh just buy me a beer every now and then and we’ll be even. but im still pretty sure, especially during the very high traffic years from 2001-2005 that i got the better of that deal.

also much thanks to matt and ken and ben and xtx and all the other bloggers, especially all of you in canada, for helping me aspire to be half as good as you.

along the way pretty girls not only threw themselves at me, but total strangers gave me money for trips ipods cars and godknowswhatelse. they even bought my books. and then took pictures of themselves (and their pets) reading the overpriced blasphemes.

to all of you i thank you.

there were the bloggers who linked to me and readers who commented and bloggers who copied my style and all of it was and still is a huge kiss on the cheek.

all the time i recommend to people that they write out loud and in public and they resist and i say if you only knew all the good that came from my crappy little crap imagine what could come from yours

and still they resist and i wonder why.

in 12 years has anything bad happened to me? no. well, no bad things have happened because of the blog. sure some bad things happened but thats life.

but no one has threatened to kill me or sue me or punch me in the gut or break up with me

well, i guess there was that one time when i complained to the beautiful girl that her iMac was not very good and i no longer wanted to spend the night at her house because it was difficult for me to blog there.

but thats my own dumb fault for being a knucklehead.

only good has come from nothing in here is true.

i feel extremely fortunate and even though sometimes i feel like putting this thing out of its misery im so glad i never did.

there are very few things we can look back at and say yes this for sure would not exist if i had not made it

and if those things dont completely suck, we should celebrate them.

so thank you busblog for not totally sucking.

and congratulations for making it to 12.


top photo of zach the dog reading how to blog by brett lamb, photo of leah reading stiff by leah