1. Wednesday, August 28, 2013

    today the cubs and the dodgers played LA’s only weekday day-game of the year 

    santo fan in dodger stadium

    other than opening day, that is.

    national anthem and its 92

    why they chose to do it in late august is beyond me, as while the little girl sang the anthem

    it was already 92 degrees

    in the shade

    nice mexican music

    wanna know something nice the dodgers do?

    i complain a lot, i realize that, but hopefully i also praise

    the dodgers have a huge latino audience. and many of their players are from south of the border

    today when the dodgers took the field the PA blasted “El Rey” by vicente fernandez.

    the crowd of “38,000” cheered happily.

    some places say they care about the Latino audience, but i dont see them playing no vicente fernandez

    when they wanna get the party started.

    stadium club bar

    too hot so i went to the stadium club bar


    loitered around the $38 all you can eat buffet

    fresh foods

    everything seemed to fresh and natural for my good

    dodger dogs

    all i really wanted was a dodger dog, but tomorrows my cheat day, not today

    more bar

    plus drinking is fattening enough. funny story

    when i went to the beer vender lady she said right away Firestone

    i said Firestone IPA please.

    she said, see, no Cub fan order Coor Light.

    and pointed at my Cubs hat.

    bree kayla soft serve helmets

    while i was hiding in the stadium club bree was ordering a chocolate soft serve in a batting helmet at the taqueria

    little did we know when we were standing in the breezy breezeway that little league puig was being benched

    right then for being too much of a space cadet

    stolen base

    we walked past this stand that sells game used dodger crap and i was all

    too bad im poor, i might have to steal that base

    balls for twenty five

    but because i was raised right i kept my jokes about the $25 balls to myself.