1. Tuesday, August 27, 2013

    todd canceled on me to go to the cubs game so i saw it at barneys beanery 

    cub fan barneys beanery

    in westwood because my man dave was all our bro is doing a radio show from there.

    so i went. it was fun. good beers (Racer 5), good fish tacos, and a few spicy wings.

    near the end of the game a pretty girl sits down at the bar and notices that im a crazy person

    and that i happen to be a cubs fan.

    turns out shes from indiana and would drive up to wrigley to see the cubs

    and now shes out here? why?

    because she is getting her masters at ucsb.

    something someone told me a long time ago when i was deciding between ucla and ucsb

    “ucsb is small enough that any alumni will instantly bond with you, thats not always the case with a big school like ucla”

    truer words my friends.

    also, always be a cub fan, and if youre a cute girl, always have a Cubs ribbon in your purse

    for no good reason, but its excellent proof that you’re just not hitting on the hottest xbi agent at the bar.