with just a few weeks until the playoffs my fantasy teams hobble into the stretch

fantasy leagues

youd think the first year that ive been unemployed throughout the entire MLB baseball season my teams would be awesome


in fact the two leagues i wanted to win the most Louisville Sluggers and Love me or Hate me – i probably wont even make the playoffs.

the latter league i wanted to win badly because it was a totally unfair league with crappy rules and a juvenile commish.

the former league i wanted to win because it is a Keeper League where i was returning Trout Braun Harper Weaver and Dickey

but as we know Dickey has been a bust and Braun is a dirty cheater who was injured and now is suspended.

So i have to make due in my other leagues.

Weirdly my best chance of winning is in the Busblog league where i have been extremely fortunate, especially since i was in the right place at the right time when some moron dropped Joe Mauer and i had a #4 waiver position and the others were napping.

each year i pretend i have learned something from the previous year but no, im a fool.

best moves so far: trading Trout for Miguel Cabrera for the Britney Spears team.

and of course picking up Junior Lake on every one of my teams.

lets hope bro keeps it moving.