do you know i love you? i do.

kyla and babe

i know i havent blogged much during my trip to Chicago.

thats not because i dont think about you. you’re in my heart. theres a suite in there

it has a fruit basket atop fresh towels.

its all for you.

in my heart. and chocolates. drink anything you want in the mini fridge. on the house.

i havent been blogging cuz ive been busy. yesterday i was in park ridge with my buddy bob.

we drank lots of old styles and watched the bears win and the packers lose.

pretty much the dream sunday.

then i talked with my mom all night and she told me many of her secrets.

then this morning she told me where her fortune is buried. score!

last night both of my nieces and my nephew were pretty adorbs.

i need to buy a shovel at Menards, so heres some video of kyla being amazing: