only a few more days of this chicago vacation left

beartoday i hear theres a little league game with my nephews name on it.

yesterday we all played bocce and ate italiano and drank and listened to jazz and smoked stogies and carried the little baby around and ate ice cream and talked to canadian girls

and then mom drove home and we watched mad men and she kept dozing off so i farted and she was all im nodding im not asleep

and don draper would say something and shed laugh and then a minute later she wouldnt laugh so i said something rude and she woke up and then she stayed up

and we talked about the 60s when she was a young lady and how different or undifferent her life was from theres

and then i showed her when Shaq dressed up as Prince on Kelly and that NY Giant show.

then for real she passed out so i went to my lonely room and read and read and read while this michael jackson concert played on my television. it was from the Bad tour in England.

you can see it on the youtubes. he was amazing. never stopping. body rocking.

moms favorite country star is Taylor Swift and t-swizzy could learn a few things from the king of pop

first thing: just keep playing. forget about the crowd so much. i know they scream when you say hello vancouver

but they love you theyre gonna scream no matter what you do, so freaking rock

and then rock harder. and then when theyre not expecting it do something super cool.

and when you do address the crowd, which MJ did do, omg will the crowd erupt. or sing. or whatever.

the crowd wants to be amazed, not condescended to.

the crowd wants to see a great dance move so give them 5.

the crowd wants to have something to tell their friends at school about

so give them so many

they’ll be talking about it on the school bus to school

and coming home after they talked aboot it all day.

today i was reminded how great the cure’s The End of the World is

which is why i feel fine