last night the replacements played the busblog theme song

but first Paul gave Tommy a hard time for being in… Van Halen

Kiss Me On The Bus
Sire Records, 1985

On the bus, that’s where we’re ridin’
On the bus, okay, don’t say hi, then
Your tongue, your transfer,
Your hand, your answer

On the bus, everyone’s lookin’ forward
On the bus, I aint lookin’ forward
And everything ain’t okay
I might die ‘fore Monday
They’re all watchin’ us

Kiss me on the bus
Kiss me on the bus
If you knew how I felt now
You wouldn’t act so adult now
Hurry, hurry, here comes my stop

On the bus, watch our reflection
On the bus, I can’t stand no rejection
C’mon, let’s make a scene
Oh, baby, don’t be so mean
They’re all watchin’ us

dear prospective employers

tommy and paul

this blog is a work of fiction. nothing in here is true.

interns write the bad stuff, aliens from outer space write the good stuff.

me i moderate the comments.

this blog, the busblog, has been around since the month before 9/11.

it has changed and morphed and devolved and dissolved into whatever it is that it is now.

ive never had a boss say that busblog you better take it down for your own good and the good of this company

in fact ive only had one boss who admitted to even reading it regularly and only at the beginning did he say take it easy on the amazingness, how about giving us some of that instead.

in many ways this is an open sketch book, a semi journal of fictional dreams

i really dont fly a black helicopter

i really dont have amazing text conversations.

no babes really <3 me im just a boring old bald man sitting in a tree b-l-o-g-g-ing

ps i also like miley cyrus covers by dudes on acoustic guitar who make funny faces

i applied for a job the other day to work in hawaii

bacon egg

would i move out of my perfect hollywood bachelor pad

and live far away where i dont know one soul.

yes, yes i would.

i watched the first episode of breaking bad tonight

and it’s weird how they repeated a lot of the same themes and scenarios in the last few episode.

i totally forgot that in the first episode walt washed a kids car and later paid a silent native american with handfuls of cash. and for those of you who are caught up you know about walts relationship with car washing and last week he ran into a quiet native american older gentleman.

when i came to LA many moons ago i went to a school where i didnt know a soul.

the first two apartments i shared with roommates id never met before and in santa barbara i didnt know no one there neither.

everything always works out.

for everyone except this cat outside my window. its meowing but in a terrifyingly human way.

hollow. it cries. hollow.

i’d let it in but i dont want some weird cat looking at me and occasionally making sounds like a person.

maybe thats why the last guy kicked it out.