1. Tuesday, September 3, 2013

    dear next awesome job of mine, 

    this tallwhats taking you?

    where ya been?

    maybe you should send me a postcard telling me when its happening.

    are you lost?

    i said Right on vermont.

    it has been nice staying up till 6am

    reading the whole paper

    and sleeping till noon.

    other day i was all what asswipe mows his lawn on labor day at 9am

    turned out it was 2:30pm

    and way not even labor day.

    will totally miss that

    but still, it’s time to rock now.

    im ancy in the pants now.

    soon i’ll have to AirBnB my bachelor pad

    and sleep on the beach

    beneath the stars

    and in the morning dress up like darth vader and paint for the tourists

    little canvases of palm trees on fire.

    dear next awesome job,

    then left on sunset