dear tony, Green or Pink?

sass in pink IMG_6972

im not sure exactly how i continue to be given these assignments.

my personal fashion choices usually revolve around: what is clean, what is most wrinkly,

and what goes best with a Cubs hat.

but strangely the most beautiful women ask my advice on what they should wear

even though my first response is usually haminahaminahamina.

me personally i dont think men should ever tell women what to put on their body or what to do with their body

if anything we should just be happy that this isnt a planet filled with men.

these two looks by Sass bring home that point beautifully.

although they are both very playful and young, i feel like the pink one wouldn’t be complete without a curved staff.

the green one is a touch more subtle but still adorbs.

because im a scientist at heart id like to see that one with the cream socks, but again, who am i to wonder.

forgive me.

anyways, the green, to me is more welcoming, the pink is too bright a light, it’s the star trek phaser on stun.

if you have outfits you’d like me to choose between email them to me at