first sam

miles davissometimes good things happen and little do you know it

but it was the work of angels

sometimes good things happen and youre all

you know that was the Lord right there.

theres a little something extra thats in there

when the source of it alls involved.

it happens every now and then

and sometimes i cant handle too much of it.

im just a man.

bones built in me. my dull dough sours.

blood brims the curse as bro said

every sunday when i read the bible i listen to miles davis or one of his contemporaries

because to me they compliment each other perfect

tonight the reading was first sam

and incidentally its when sam was working for eli and god was all dude

and sam was like yes eli?

and eli was all i didnt say nothin, go back to sleep.

and later god was all dude! and sam was all yes eli?

and eli was all, it wasnt me. maybe it was the lord.

if you hear it again say ‘sup

so the lord was all dude. and sam said ‘sup.

and god said im gonna punish eli big time and his dumbass evil sons.

and theres nothing he can do about it.

so sam peaced out and in the morning eli asked him if it was Him

and he said yep. and he asked so what did He say.

and sam said its going down.

and eli was all