1. Friday, September 27, 2013

    found out some bad news today, and yesterday, and last night 

    dicisions tattoo

    but at least i didnt get a terrible tattoo which was also misspelt.

    this blog has always been staying positive despite whatever goes down.

    a long time ago i got a fortune cookie that said

    its not what happens, its how you handle it

    and ive always tried to live my life from advice delivered by mass produced desserts.

    some of the bad news was my buddy Dave from the KPCC Patt Morrison Show was being shown the door

    so we took him out drinking last night

    and all agreed that the radio station probably didnt need any more forward thinking creative funny

    radio veterans

    who’d produced people like Pete Rose, Dennis Miller, and Bob Forrest.

    some times people just want challenges, i guess.