greatest thing you’ll buy all day

honest solomon

many of you have email addresses.

some of you have weirdass email addresses like that are hard to say at a bar

some of you have AOL addresses you’re mildly ashamed of.

some of the people you write have crazy addresses that you either hate or can never remember.

some of you just love the busblog, tonypierce, or the mysterious world of the xbi.

after much debate, it can now be announced, that you can now have the personalized email address of your dreams

for just $20 you can now get an email address that will redirect to your actual email mail box

smpalmyour choices of email address(es)

and for you canadians

One of the best features of these email addresses redirects is you can get for your friend(s).

Say your grandmother has a super long email address that you never get right.

get and you’ll always be able to remember it.

let’s say you like to sign up for things but you don’t want to give away who you are because your name is in your email address

get and no one will know it’s you, Mr. Snowden

or maybe you want your name on your email address to impress the ladies, then you can get

no, i wont be able to read your email, it’s just a redirect

yes you can tell your friends about it

no, you dont need to fret if your real email address mailbox changes, just write me at and i will change it

two changes allowed a year.

yes the email addresses expire after a year, after that you can renew them

but the first 1,000 will last for four (4) years at no extra charge.

because i love you.

heres how to order

1. send $20 per email address

2. in the note section tell me the address you would like and also the real email (like the Gmail address) you want the mail to get sent to

3. smile, 20% of all profits go to charity

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