1. Sunday, September 22, 2013

    i applied for a job the other day to work in hawaii 

    bacon egg

    would i move out of my perfect hollywood bachelor pad

    and live far away where i dont know one soul.

    yes, yes i would.

    i watched the first episode of breaking bad tonight

    and it’s weird how they repeated a lot of the same themes and scenarios in the last few episode.

    i totally forgot that in the first episode walt washed a kids car and later paid a silent native american with handfuls of cash. and for those of you who are caught up you know about walts relationship with car washing and last week he ran into a quiet native american older gentleman.

    when i came to LA many moons ago i went to a school where i didnt know a soul.

    the first two apartments i shared with roommates id never met before and in santa barbara i didnt know no one there neither.

    everything always works out.

    for everyone except this cat outside my window. its meowing but in a terrifyingly human way.

    hollow. it cries. hollow.

    i’d let it in but i dont want some weird cat looking at me and occasionally making sounds like a person.

    maybe thats why the last guy kicked it out.