1. Wednesday, September 25, 2013

    remind me to be anonymous in my next life 


    all you gotta do is one (v funny) stencil and youve got the


    instagramming your possible return to a big city?

    thats genius if you ask me.

    i had a few very nice conversations over beers last night.

    i had some very nice phone conversations minus beers today.

    one was held over skype which is still a miracle to me.

    ginsberg howl

    my text message machine was interesting as always.

    one gentleman is a photographer on a brand of movie set

    he takes the most beautiful photos, for free, because you too would take those pictures for free.

    then a girl in rollerskates rolled into my courtyard and over the steps and onto my porch

    and knock knock knocked on the door and i was startled because i wasnt expecting visitors

    and i opened the door and she said

    are you listening to that new elvis costello and the roots?

    and the jewels of her necklace just led to the one spot a gentleman is not supposed to

    stare at, but for one, random question, lady

    and two, what was the question?

    she said its called Wise Up Ghost

    the cover looks like Howl

    it’s on the legendary Blue Note Records

    and its a groovy chilled out stroll through R&B in a darker way than Get Happy

    but if you’re tired of the americana of National Ransom and that other one, then

    Wise Up Ghost

    and the earth split in two and she fell into the crack and i shut the door and went back to sitting in the dark

    not on the album: