september 2nd thru history on the busblog

hayleys wedding

2001 – a look back at summer

2002 – me chris and jeanine go to an art opening

2003 – UCSB gets named one of the 12 hottest colleges in the usa

2004 – the president calls me an ignorant slut

2005 – kanye west says the president doesn’t care about black people

2006 – lou reed sings sunday morning on letterman

2007 – my 25 favorite august LAist posts

2008 – the top post on reddit was about the Palin family and privacy. i give my two cents. art by alie ward.

2009 – it was super hot in LA that week. some things never change.

2010 – 10 things i miss about frisco

2011 – in vegas minding my own business with a canadian when the xbi asked me to stop quoting them

2012 – hayley got married, tsar played across town, fun was had and ive got video