the bears lost which pretty much ruined my day

bears lions

in real life im the most normal nice polite person youd ever wanna meet.

but when the bears are on… and i think they should win… and if their season looks promising

i will yell at the top of my lungs at the tv

the only time my neighbors know i exist is during football season

bbq, screaming, cursing

and occasionally great laughing.

its very easy to be a football fan. theres only like 16 games a year for your team.

the games only last 3 hours tops cuz everyones fat.

and you only need to know the names of like three of the guys on each team.

theres even a piss break in the middle of the game so people can ignore the band.

tickets in chicago start at $250 for the worst seat imaginable.

youre basically in indiana.

we paid half that to see the raiders and the bears in the club section on the 0 yard line in oakland

that was the only game i ever went to where i didnt care who won, they were both my teams

my real team

and my california adopted team.

who both drive me crazy

especially today. all day.