1. Thursday, September 12, 2013

    youre only as young as your girlfriend feels 


    when i say we can do better, i dont mean it to be mean or critical or dickish or theoretical


    i mean i see it every day and you do too but for some reason we accept mediocrity because it’s easier to do.


    it takes a little bit of courage to step up, to stand out, to speak out, to push from within


    we see the safe and conservative and cowardly get rewarded, so why be a maverick? why take the risk?


    no one wants to be laughed at or fired or called crazy or weird,


    but deep down no one wants to ride this racetrack in second gear and say I Participated


    no they wanna say i not only won, but i smoked those other suckers. they ate my dust!


    in war they try all these new ways to kill each other. they experiment with new strategies & study the old.


    they invest time and money, they steal, they tweak, they build, they create,

    and literally pin medals on dudes who succeed, and erect statues and monuments for the innovative.


    but when it comes to love or peace or helping the poor or the creative – things are way different.


    we have ways to kill each other from outer space to under water, to across the hemisphere


    but when was the last time you heard a boss say im here to help you get better today because i love you


    when did you hear in a meeting, lets try something this month we aint never tried before ever


    when did you get an email from the VP that said this week do something none of our competitors have ever done

    margaritas as big as your head

    and if you fail, its ok, as long as you tried.

    in n out dog

    in fact, not only is it ok, but i respect you more because you omg went for it.

    head in the sand

    when people say they want their country back, i say yeah me too


    and i ask are you blocking or making way for the return of the home of the brave