you never think the problem is coming from your house

nice chair

i heard water wooshing through the pipes last night in my apartment.

it sounded like any time my upstairs neighbor showers or washes her clothes or flushes.

after awhile the back room where my water heater is started getting really warm and the water sound continued.

because my life is insane right now, i washed all the dishes in my sink, of which there were lots.

the water got hot but not scorching hot. i called my neighbor to ask her if she had a leak in her apartment.

she said she wasnt home but would rush back to see.

an hour later she said it wasnt her. i went outside to see if there was a stream of water, no.

i put the flashlight under the building and yep there was water leaking like crazy.

i listened closer around my water heater and it didnt seem like it was coming from my house

but damn was the metal on my water heater hot as the blazes.

so i went to YouTube to find out how to turn off my water heater.

two minutes later i had shut the gas off and turned off the water to the heater

and boom, problem solved.

sometimes the issue is you.