dee gordon was out last night

dee gordon out

during the 9th inning of the dodger loss last night

many of us thought pinch runner Dee Gordon was wrongly called out

while attempting to steal second

dee gordon out gif

but thanks to this excellent thread on reddit, you can see that bro tagged him super early

and he was way out.

which is probably why mattingly didnt yell at the ump.

personally i think baseball managers should yell on close plays

just to get the psychological advantage for the next one,

but im a terrible person when it comes to baseball strategy.

dee gordon reaction

maybe there should be two year term limits for congresspeople

apemomtheyre there to represent us, not make a career out of it.

get into real estate if you wanna make money.

congress should think about the people who elected them,

not any party,

and then do what that person would have wanted.

is that crazy?

maybe you cant do those things if there is an opportunity

to be mediocre for decades on end.

be great for two years and use that as a springboard for whatever

monkeybusiness youve got up your sleeve.

if congress is a resume builder where afterwards you need to explain what you did over your two years,

maybe it would motivate people to do well.

just like college,

congress shouldnt be something you do

all your life.

especially if you’re doing it poorly.

today is my lawyers birthday, she’s 24

Kim the lawyerif the Jackson family had hired Kim they’d own AEG right now

coachella would be renamed kimchella

Kids would get in free

Lemonade would cost a nickle.

No one knows exactly what it was that attracted Kim to the super ambitious English language newspaper in prauge run by Ben, Matt, and the funky bunch

Was it destiny?

Devine intervention?

The prying claws if the xbi finally doing something nice?

The juries still out.

One things for sure: pretty much everyone you know from Santa Barbara should be in jail, dead, or paying child support to children they never sired.

But Kim prevented it. She saved us all.

And for that, tonight, you should drink some Carolina moon shine in her honor.

Happy birthday Kim!