i like it when people go for it


when they dont do the super safe thing that everybody else does

when they dont do the same old thing that THEY do all the time

but instead when they do the absolute right thing at the right time

out of love

and passion

and to see OMG HOW BIG CAN I BE

you can tell when people are at that point because they’re loud and sweaty and crazed

aliand SMILING

theyre not drunk or wasted or bitter or shady

they have their goal right there out there for everyone to see and they are clear about it.

clayton kershaw had never pitched on just 3 days rest but he said gimme the ball

imma pitch and win this game and we wont need to fly out to the dirty south

we’re gonna win and chill right here in lipstick city.

and then his coach Donny Baseball said wow how am i supposed to say no

and then the front office of the dodgers said


and that spirit is contagious

which is when the team wins

in spectacular fashion.

so go for it.

you still might lose,

but at least youre not a dirty coward.

she esps me to email her so i email her

spray paint dude

and i know she still wants me because she doesnt write back.

each character is a spy that reports back

“shes got imaginary pictures of you all over her closet door”

“she loves your insta like omg”

“she follows your secret twitter from her secret twitter”

and who can blamer.

I’m charming and dashing, full on xbi bashing.

Phony paper passing down at Nix Check Cashing.

her silence could fill up a triple cd.

miles said that the silence between the notes were just as important as the sounds.

hers is singing scorpions for some reason

which is weird because shes never been one to not keep it real

except in love.

except in the one thing that actually matters.

your silence flatters.