jet blue wrote me a reminder email telling me i had enough miles to go to nyc


and back. for free. non stop.


which is funny because when i told sass id housesit her apt i didnt really mean it mean it

we were just drinking and dreaming and imagining the best possible situations


but now, who knows, maybe this will happen after all.

chris anna and ramon

ive been to nyc before.

in fact i think the least time i was there i was on a job interview for a big time famous company.

and the guy said so what are you ready to do next?

and i said before i tell you, let me ask you a question

is your company truly ready to swing for the fences, to seriously go for it, to really do whatever it takes

no matter what, even if no one else is doing it, especially if no one else is doing it,

and are you willing to take the bullet for all your courageous employees who will be working super hard

because any cyclist knows the people at the head of the pack have to peddle harder

and dodge more flies on our windscreen, as depeche sang so long ago.

are you ready to go it alone out there on the forefront and not freak out when things seem dire

and for sure not freak out when our cups overfloweth?

tony pierce in nyc sporting a sirius jacket because bababooey and howard stern

i did not get the job.

at all.