i understand fear, trust me, i do. but i also have experienced love


and i pity the fools who avoid true love

omg omg omg love

the kind that doesnt fade away after the typical expiration date

the kind that if you werent naked with each other youd still be obsessive friends

true love

ever lasting love.

i pity the fools who shy away from that sorta love cuz theyre afraid it might hurt them somehow.

afraid it doesnt exist. they know it exists.

they read how love inspires people to write novels and movies and carve giant statues

and hold boom boxes over their heads

in the rain

under the cherry moon.

somethings gonna kill us. every movie ends.

no sense in playing it safe. there is no safe. there is just a cliff in the distance that we all fall off.

people are gonna cry at your funeral pretty girl.

make sure those tears are for the beautiful explosion of joy your life was

and not for the potential you never ever reached.

heres to the last Dodger victory of the year

joe kelly loses

St. Louis nobody Joe Kelly, best known as the guy who broke Dodger shortstop Hanley Ramirez’s rib with a wild pitch likes to do an unusual thing

he likes to stand at attention after the National Anthem is sung until everyone from the opposing team goes to their dugout

Last night Dodger nobody Scott Van Slyke, best known as Andy’s son, decided he was gonna out-stand Kelly

After a while, home plate umpire Greg Gibson called BS on the whole thing and told both guys to end the shenanigans

When Kelly left his post the Dodgers celebrated in what would be, literally, their last hurrah of the season.

Baseball, been around since forever, and yet theres always some new crazyass wrinkle to make it fun