during an interview for a gig in nyc i mentioned my old marching band director

Mr Kenneth Snoeck was the first person who ever taught me what giving 100% meant

in the video above is the Ohio State Marching Band from Saturday doing a neat trick

they did a really great Michael Jackson tribute including a fancy move in the middle

but one thing that i thought of while i watched it was how simplistic the music and choreography was

mr snoeck used to always tell us that even though All of our competitors

marched up and down the yard lines – because it was easier – we would not do anything easy

our music would be complicated and our moves would be unpredictable and anti-traditional

i cant find any video from when i was part of the state’s best drumline with Lake Park

but heres something from 1991 that shows you how much more crazed Mr. Snoeck’s demands were on teens

than Ohio State is on college kids, who, id guess, were from all of the great HS bands in the midwest

the lesson i learned was: always be creative, always push the people no matter how old or young

and never do the bare minimum: your goal should be the absolute maximum.

rest in peace Mr Snoeck, you’re still being thought about.

right now on sunset blvd theres a billboard for a pirating site

bit torrent

bittorent can help anyone exchange files legally, but its most popular service

is it speeds up the process of pirating music, software, and movies from strangers.

at first glance its hard to conclude that the advertisement is to somehow legitimize the site

or rub in in the eye of hollywood that their biggest export’s biggest foe

is somehow above the fray.

despite what kim dotcom says, bittorent, like mega is primarily used to shirk the law.

this is the first time ive ever seen a billboard saying

remember, when you break the law, do it with us.