why bloggers should never ever ever worry about “hits” and instead blog erryday, forever

los feliz

Such a sweet message I got via Facebook today from someone, who YES, I remember!

I’m Laura Hesterman’s cousin. I graduated a year after you from Lake Park…I remember you but you probably don’t remember me…I believe I graduated with your sister but didn’t know her well. I saw you had recently written on Laura’s Facebook wall in response to something and it just prompted me to want to send you a quick note. Laura told me about your blog years ago and it has been listed on my favorites all this time…probably check it every day or so. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it…your views, love of family, love of Cubs & Bears, your trips down memory lane…everything you write is wonderful and entertaining to read. Just wanted to tell you.


Thank you Wendy! So sweet of you to write! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Go Lancers!!