was pleasantly blown away by captain phillips today – who knew tom hanks was killer?


and who knew so many people had nothing else to do at 11am in Glendale? even the pigeons were all like whatever


its 925pm on thursday. will the big job i really really really want say yes to me by this time tomorrow?


i know i would do great at this job, i know it. id work like crazy. and id have a boss that omg wants creativity.


did you know i have a diploma from the college of creative studies?

no one ever said study here and you’ll get the perfect gig. they just said, come with us. it’ll be alright.


this is one of those jobs id do for free if i won the lottery and knew sitting on the beach sipping rum would get boring


this is a job even the xbi would say yeah we can see you doing that. we’d rather you came back to us, but that make sense.


but whats so weird about life is, so often the things that make sense dont even get a chance


which is why im nervous tonight i am so ready to rock its ridiculous.

this spring break summer vacation has been swell, but it’s time to shine, busbloggers.

so think good thoughts.