cloudy day and i didnt wanna just sit around looking on my phone all day


so i motivated and decided to take a little walk in the park


even though it looked cloudy from my house, once i got up there, yep, suuuuuuper cloudy


fortunately all the trails were super open like nbd like ignore the orange temp fence, just climb folks


took a panorama because we hardly ever get clouds in these parts so you know… it lasts longer


made it up the big hill with no issues. no idea why, maybe from hiking last week? who knows.


maybe it helped that it was a little chilly and not super warm?


because of last nights winds you could see the ocean from the wish box, which is usually what we wish for


and for it not to rain while we’re outside


and for the clouds to always look amazing


totally forgot, there was a guy giving “free” massages out there in runyun. hmmmmm


i didnt have the nerve to take him up on it.


saw this sign and though, wait isnt $3,398 the price of a Chinatown apartment in NYC with a fraction of that square footage?


i know that city is pretty cool, but this one aint too shabby neither. even on a cloudy day

reports are coming in that my references are being contacted for possible new job

marilyn some like it hotthis makes me very happy because i have fantastic references: a former boss, two former employees, a former coworker, and the pope. problem is new pope loves everyone. if i was cocky i woulda gotten old pope.

but it’s bad enough im blogging this. some may say its a jinx. but even mean pope would tell you you cant jinx anything. the worst jinx is you. talking. saying anything.

we love pets because they cant say the wrong things. people think thats the lesson, but its snot.

even the guys who invented twitter play it safe and hardly ever tweet. they no better.

but let me tell you about a place called las vegas. which many people consider the most fun place in america.

in las vegas theres currently seven Cirque Du Soleil shows happening: Love at the Mirage, O at the Bellagio, Zarkana at the Aria, Michael Jackson’s One at Mandalay Bay, Mystere at Treasure Island, KA at MGM, and Zumanity at New York New York.

technically the most dangerous thing you can do to yourself is walk down the street. you’re way safer, way less likely to “jinx” yourself if you just stay in the house and watch tv.

but people love Cirque Du Soleil because it’s the opposite of that in beautiful ways. not only are these people out of their house and walking around, but theyre walking on ropes, theyre walking on peoples heads, people are walking on their heads, theyre jumping theyre climbing, and theyre doing it in the most graceful wonderful ways you could imagine.

basically showing us all that our daily journey not only could be a ballet: but probably is.

go forth and rock, saints.

live lives of beauty and courage.

today’s the internet’s birthday, it’s 44

my room on haight street

this was my room at 591 Haight Street in San Francisco in 1995.

that white Mac in the center was the first device that ever gave me “high speed” Internet accessibility.

we paid lots of money to have an ISDN line which allowed us not only to be on the web at a blazing fast 28.8 mbs

but we could also receive a phone call simultaneously. which was a big deal when you shared a house with 5 other dudes.

the ISDN hardly worked. which was ok because the web in 1995 was so tiny and insignificant that even Wired didn’t wanna put their full name on their website, instead they made Hot Wired to distance themselves from whatever the hell the WWW was in its infancy.

internet machinelittle did we know that the Internet had already been around nearly 30 years (thanks to the help of UCSB). albeit way more boring. but dudes were exchanging files so technically the web was on.

as “journalists” all of us in our Haight House marveled over the fact that we could be instant publishers. in color. for free. with a potentially unlimited audience.

before the web the closest one could get was either a Zine or an English Newspaper in Prague. but the downfall was, if everyone bought up all of the copies of that issue, that was it. the end.

but online: if you had the proper servers, you could reach millions of readers overnight, and barely notice.

that excited me. unlimited success. unparalleled opportunities for creativity. the blankest canvas ever with free admission to anyone with a connection.

and back then, back when the wild west was truly wild, and you had very little competition, and if you had been somewhat trained in the art of written communication: it was probably the same feeling chuck berry felt when someone handed him an electric guitar.

or the same feeling eddie van halen got when he stepped on his first pedal.

before the Internet, loneliness was a concept i could occasionally relate to.

nowadays the amount of 24/7 love and attention and options and opportunities to connect and learn overfloweth.

not bad, Internet.

can’t wait to see what the next 44 years will be like.